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Update LJ list of mood icons by removing less popular sets

Update LJ list of mood icons by removing less popular sets

Short, concise description of the idea
The current list could use an updated set of mood icons by having LJ admins remove the least used sets and replace them with newer, custom-made sets or prehaps add to the list.

Full description of the idea
Prehaps it's about time that some of the lesser used mood icons on LJ either be removed or add some more icon sets. All are great icons, but some aren't as good as they can be and prehaps LJ should finally get to adding new user-created icons with more mood variety [some mood icons within sets repeat themselves too frequently]. If LJ wished to remove some of the lesser popular sets, then my suggestion would be to remove the 8 least famous sets, replace them, and add 4 more after that. This would also be a good opportunity for the current mood icon authors to update their currently added sets if they have modified them at all. Drastic changes would obviously be discouraged. A limit of 1 mood set per author should also be submitted and 2 variables of the same set [colors] per author as well, as not to flood the mood icon listing with 3-4 authors.

An ordered list of benefits
  • More mood icon variety
  • Removal of lesser used icons to make space
  • Encourages LJ users to get more involved

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Negative user feedback about lesser used icons they had been using.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • [If to REMOVE lesser used icons]:
  • Hold a popular public poll (with a link to it on the main page) asking users to vote on the 8 icon sets they enjoy LEAST. Alternatively, LJ admins could check on which icon sets are least used in the community and remove them with a month's notice.
  • After votes are tallied, the 8 least favored icon sets should be removed with a month's notice. Before the removal, encourage LJ users to submit their best mood icon work and have a panel of 200 paid users select their 15 favorite sets (8 replacements, 7 new) to be included in the LJ listing of mood icons.
  • Selections should be made 1 week prior to mood icons being added to the LJ database, so that admins may have time to upload the 12 sets by the time indicated.
  • Once the sets are uploaded, a reminder of the new sets should be announced on the main page with a link to a list of the icons which have been added. Those users which had been using the icons removed should also be notified to change their mood icon set to avoid confusion.
  • [If to ADD mood icons]:
  • Same as above, except for the removal of the lesser used icons. Volunteer 200 paid users to choose from their favorite icon sets, tally the [x number] set of mood icon sets to be added, and give 1 week's notice before adding the sets.
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