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Update to Calendar using the new Calendar system C and T

Update to Calendar using the new Calendar system C and T

Short, concise description of the idea
Allow Livejournal to respect or implement Common-Civil-Calendar-and-Time: C&T The new calendar system of 2006 and beyond

Full description of the idea
1.) Why fool with the calendar?

There are enormous economic advantages to the proposed calendar. These benefits come because the new calendar is identical every year... except that, every five or six years, there is a one-week long "Mini-Month," called "Newton," between June and July. "Newton Week" brings the calendar into sync with the seasonal change as the Earth circles the Sun. How much needless work do institutions, such as companies and colleges, put into arranging their calendars for every coming year? From 2006 on, they do it once ... and it is done forevermore.

2.) Surely you're not fooling with the clocks, too? (And, do you have anything else up your sleeve?)

Yes, starting 2006 January 1, it is proposed that Universal Time, on a 24 hour scale, be used, everywhere on earth, and forevermore. As a result of this, beginning 2006 January 1, the date and time will always be the same, everywhere, greatly facilitating international understanding.

(And, yes! Whether you adopt C&T or not, PLEASE don't write dates as 01/02/03 any more! What the heck does that mean? Instead, on your check stubs, and everything else, from now on, ONLY use: 2003/01/02, if in fact you mean: 2003 January 2. This is the ISO standard! I didn't make it up!)

An ordered list of benefits
  • economic
  • reduced complexity
  • Identical Calendar - year always begins on Sunday January 1st
  • International Compatibility - If it's 12:00 on January 5th in Seattle, it's 12:00 in New York, France, Japan, Italy, and Alaska.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • This will be akin to the y2k switch, however it will need to be done ONCE - then forever more we can use a single sheet perpetual calendar.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • Move the calendar logic to sync with the C&T Calendar
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