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PhonePost transcription karma/whuffie/whatever

PhonePost transcription karma/whuffie/whatever

Short, concise description of the idea
'Twould be nice if LJ were to keep some sort of karma index deatailing how likely a given person is to transcribe phoneposts.

Full description of the idea
I noticed that when the phonepost feature was new to LJ (maybe a year or so) people were more likely to transcribe phoneposts. Maybe it's just my lazy circle of friends or perhaps it's just that it was the Cool Thing that week, but people seem much less likely to transcribe now.

An ordered list of benefits
  • People might take the time to transcribe phoneposts more often.
  • Deaf people would be more likely to see transcripts of phoneposts.
  • Modem users would be more likely to see transcripts and not necessarily have to download the OGG file and listen to it.
  • I, for one, would be more likely to transcribe phoneposts of people who are more likely to transcribe as well.
  • Transcribing one's own phoneposts is simply no fun. :(

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • People bitching about the term "karma."
  • People scratching their heads at the term "whuffie."
  • Development time.
  • People mighy copy + paste previous transcriptions in order to improve their karma.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • The number could be a percentage of total friends phoneposts that the user offered a transcript of (starting whenever the karma system goes into effect), an integer that just increases by one every time they transcribe, or whatever else someone can think of.
  • I'd say (referring to the last problem/issue listed above) then that only the first transcript should get points, but then people might just submit whatever text they want (like "FRIST POST!!!1") to get the points. I'd say that the person who's phonepost it is should judge which transcript is best, but a phonepost-er who doesn't care about the karma thing would prevent transcribers from getting points through their own inactivity.
  • Maybe friends of the phoneposter could judge which is best? Maybe give everyone who transcribes a point, and give the phonepost-er the ability to delete phony transcriptions and thus remove a karma point from the offender?
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