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"use one style" when replying to comments sent in email forms

"use one style" when replying to comments sent in email forms

Short, concise description of the idea
At the very least:
When users click on the "Reply at the webpage" link in emailed comments, make it so that it opens the webpage with their OWN style of commenting page, or make it so it opens in the default LJ style.

Bonus points if you allow users to click all three of those links from the emailed comments in this style.

Full description of the idea
For users that are unable to reply via email (getting errors like "Comment not posted: POST required, or missing parameter.") the only alternative they have for replying is to click the following links in the email:

View the thread starting from this comment
View all comments to this entry
Reply at the webpage

When clicking on these, however, they are forced to maneuver other people's livejournal styles and layouts, some of which are impossible to read (i.e. black text on black background???) and that particular user just never got around to fixing it for some reason, or they are hideous colorschemes (perhaps the user is colorblind??) or they are so fancied up that everytime you try to respond the layout is completely different.

A user viewing posts in their friends page has the option to always view comments and replies in their own style.
It would be great if this applied to the links in the emailed comments as well.

Since the problems causing people to click "reply at the webpage" are having to do with being unable to pass login info/cookies or whatever between the email client and the browser, a uniform/blanket "force some default view" option for all emailed clients would be acceptable as well.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Uniform layout for replying to comments
  • Makes the poor schmucks like me who use Outlook Express for email but prefer Firefox/Mozilla as the default browser less annoyed that replying to emailed comments is not an option. ;)
  • No more strained eyes, searching for "reply" buttons, or squinting at text through loud graphics of random users when trying to formulate a response. It will always look the same.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • um... the only one I can think of is that you wont be forced to see other users' "holiday color schemes and layouts" when responding...but for me this is great since I can't read some of the blinding color schemes some folks on my friends list like to choose.
  • Perhaps it would be a problem if YOU happen to be one of those people who have a color-blinding setting for posting comments (Personally, I like the plain-jane livejournal default one anyway, so an alternative would be to always make emailed comments links go to entries in that format.)

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • add &style=mine
    to the end of the link in emailed comments for "Reply at the webpage"?
  • And whatever formula is used to repeat the same result (seeing the links in your own style) for the other two links?
  • Or create a new command, much like "style=mine" that uses the plain LJ layout for all these links and all clicks from email go to that plain layout for users?
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