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Queued Posts in Moderated Communities (Update Layout)

Queued Posts in Moderated Communities (Update Layout)

Short, concise description of the idea
Remove or document the nonfunctional links on the Post Successful page for queued posts in Communities.

Full description of the idea
Aside from the new update layout, the Update Successful page has also changed. However, the links to view, edit or add the entry to memories do not work with a submission to a queued community. The link to view your updated journal here will work, but the entry will not display until it has been approved.

Updating journal... Update successful. You can view your updated journal here.

Now that you've posted, you can:
  • View the entry
  • Edit the entry
  • Add the entry to your memories

    Therefore, the implied immediate post and link functionality will create user confusion when posting to communities with queues.

    Add a note that a post to a moderated community has been submitted, similar to the note about a screened comment. Also add a note that the links (View, Edit, Add to Memories) below will not work, as the submitted post has not yet been approved. Alternatively, those links could be removed entirely.

    This modification to a "Post Successful" page appears to be possible, as a similar modification occurs when a screened comment is posted. "Your comment has been screened, etc."

    Ordered list of benefits
  • Less user confusion after submiting a queued post

    Ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Developer time to code, draft wording, and test
  • Potential user confusion if the links are simply removed

    Organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • Examine the wording and code on the Update Successful page for a screened comment.
  • Draft some wording and test prototype code.
  • Tags: community moderation, site copy, § implemented
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