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Impermanent Entries

Impermanent Entries

Short, concise description of the idea
Possibility to write an entry in your livejournal which will automatically expire (and disappear) after a set (at the beginning) ammount of time.

Full description of the idea
When the user writes an entry would have the possibility to define (through a check box) the entry as Temporary. He would then define (through an edit box or a list box) how long the entry will last, before it disappears.
In the Edit User Info should be possible to define the default for the entries. (Check box on/off, Time 1 week/1 month/2 months.../1 year)
Hmm, Tmp entries should have a little symbol (a clock?) to remind of their impermanent status.

An ordered list of benefits
In many lifejournal entries have not all the same importance. Some are very superficial similar to, what I am doing right now, others are deep and hold information that the user wishes to remember.
Of course the more a livejournal is big the harder will it be to divide the meaningful information from the superficial and old one.
I (and I might be not the only one) am trying to make through livejournal my own personal web page. With all the information I wish to put on the web about me. Of course I also use livejournal to write meaningless stuff that I don't wish to keep, or information on the first information. (Ex. my entry ... will soon be completed). Right now I am deleting those entries by hand. Could this process be made automatic?

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
Would make the system even more complicated, extra work to understand for the novice user. SHould be explained well, and should be organised so that if a new user arrived, its default entries would be made permanent.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
As I don't even know in which language lj is coded I don't know were to start.

Send it in for reviewing
I am, but are suggestions right now being accepted or until S2 is up and running, nothing will be considered.

Thanks for your attention

p.s. I implemented 'by hand' something similar in my livejournal:

Tags: entry management, § historical
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