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Provide Ways to Disable Quick-Reply

Provide Ways to Disable Quick-Reply

Short, concise description of the idea
Provide a way to set LiveJournal view settings so that we never have to encounter Quick-Reply boxes when browsing S1-style journals. Additionally, provide a way for people whose journals use S1-style comment pages to prevent their comment pages from ever displaying Quick-Reply boxes to anyone, without them having to learn S2-style coding and re-code their entire journal's display settings in S2 format.

Full description of the idea
LiveJournal recently changed the code on all S1-style comment pages so that if you click a "Reply to this comment" link from within a comments page, the options for selecting a usericon, changing a username to post with, spell-checking the comment, selecting emoticons to display with the comment, etc., are all usually hidden unless you click a special button marked "More Options" to reveal them (actually, the option to select emoticons is hidden behind two consecutive javascript clicks). This is extremely annoying, because choosing icons and usernames and spellchecking and such are rather common functions that a large number of LJ users want to use regularly every time we post comments. (For example, many users share a computer with another LiveJournal user and/or own multiple journals they still use, and therefore these people need to regularly change which LiveJournal username they want to post with. Also, many LiveJournal users actually care about spelling their comments correctly and therefore want to use spell check to catch spelling errors or typos on every single comment they ever post. The fact that they actually care about making their comments easily readable is something LiveJournal should be encouraging, not discouraging, because it contributes greatly to the readability of the site and the literacy levels of the users the site attracts.) Currently, the only way to avoid getting subjected to these Quick-Reply boxes when commenting on S1-style journals is to disable javascript in your browser entirely, which is not a reasonable solution because it disables many sometimes useful or necessary functions on numerous other websites throughout the internet. I believe LiveJournal should provide a better way than this to avoid getting constantly subjected to a new requirement of making twice as many clicks every time we post a comment (or three times as many clicks if we want to select an emoticon).

Additionally, I do not believe it is reasonable to expect all LiveJournal users who use the S1 style to learn S2 style and re-code their entire journal layout just to prevent other LiveJournal users browsing their journals from being continually subjected to this new Quick-Reply scheme where one has to click as many as five times (once on the "Reply to comment" link, once on the "More Options" button, once on the smiley-face to reveal the emoticon options, once on the "Preview" button to check spelling, and once on the final "Post" button) just to post one single comment. It is widely acknowledged that S2 is harder for inexperienced coders to learn than S1 is, and this is an issue that people who signed up for LiveJournal and/or paid for LiveJournal reasonably expected they would continue to have access to without having to learn S2 style.

What exactly was supposed to be the benefit to anyone of adding these quick-reply boxes anyway? I certainly never heard any mass movement of LJ users demanding to be allowed fewer features in their reply boxes or have to click more times to be able to access basic reply options. I personally don't see why Quick-Reply can't just be removed entirely, or have the full variety of comment options added to it while continuing to use javascript. But if we're doomed to have to live with the existence of quick-reply on LiveJournal, we should at least be allowed a way to never have to personally see it or have it displayed on our journals.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Users could go back to not having to click five separate times every time they want to post a comment.
  • New users would be more aware of the existence of spell check and would be more likely to post comments that people can actually read.
  • All users would have more options, and everybody likes having more options.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Since the code for not using Quick-Reply already exists, there would be virtually no labor required at all to just abolish Quick-Reply entirely. However, creating an option to simply disable Quick-Reply for some users upon request would require some amount of coding labor.

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
  • Provide a checkbox on the "Set Browse Options" page (or elsewhere) to disable Quick-Reply boxes when viewing other people's S1-style journals.
  • Provide a check box on the "Edit Userinfo" page to disable the use of Quick-Reply in your own S1-style journal.
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