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'Uphold the author' comment link

'Uphold the author' comment link

Short, concise description of the idea
Add 'Uphold the author' (or 'Agree with author') link or button next to existing 'Add comment'/'Reply' links on ?mode=reply and ?replyto= pages. This action will express a complete upholding/agreement with somebody's posting without creating an actual comment.

Full description of the idea
Now and then, there is so good posting that readers literally can't add anything significant to it. All that can be said in such case is something like: "Right!", "Yes!", "Great!", "I agree!", "Oh!" etc.

Obviously, those one-word replies are too short for a good comment: they create just too bad signal/noise ratio. Comment headings require much more page space than the comment text; e-mail notifications mostly contain quoted original posting with a single essential word below it etc.

Understanding the issue, most of experienced users just don't add any upholding comments to the posting at all. Paradoxically, authors of the best postings either receive less readers' support or are burdened with a stream of excess traffic coming from one-word comments.

I propose a way to solve that issue: 'Uphold the author' link/button (it can be named better, I suppose). By clicking on this link, reader expresses a complete agreement and upholding of the posting contents. No comment record is created; no e-mail notification is sent.

Registered LJ users who clicked on the link should be recorded and displayed as a terse list of corresponding lj user names (exactly like "friends" list on User Info pages) under the posting. Anonymous upholders should be just counted, and total number displayed.

An ordered list of benefits

  • More favouring replies to good postings will raise author's mood and stimulate more good postings.
  • Reduced http and e-mail traffic, as well as database storage space.
  • More convenient browsing of comment pages (signal/noise ratio will improve).
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • Database changes, journal style/template changes, coding.
  • Some users will be tempted to click 'Uphold' instead of thinking out a longer creative upholding replies.
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • Database changes can be reduced, if those upholding actions will be logged as usual comments with some specific attribute.
  • Page template changes can be reduced, if 'Uphold the author' will be added as checkbox or button of comment form, instead of separate page link next to existing 'Reply' link.
  • This way, just comment posting and rendering code should be altered.
  • Tags: comment creation, comments, ratings / rankings, § implemented
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