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Intermediate privacy levels for all LJ public/private info

Intermediate privacy levels for all LJ public/private info

Short, concise description of the idea
Extend friends groups-based privacy from posts to all hidable information

Full description of the idea
Currently posts have a fine-grained privacy control with public, private, and friends-group based settings. Other hidable information (contact info on user info, screenable comments, friends groups, etc.) have binary modes: public or friends in the case of contact info, public or private in the case of comments and friends groups, etc.

All hidable information should use the same, fine grained, privacy mechanism. On LJ that's friends groups; very well then, use friends groups everywhere.

I thought of this after reading this comment to an earlier suggestion.

An ordered list of benefits

  • Improved ability to control personal information (e.g., userinfo, friends groups).
  • Improved ability to control access to journal (by screening comments so only a subset of friends, but not just you, can see them).
  • No new mechanisms: friends group based access control already exists for posts: it just needs to be used elsewhere.
  • Allows you to publicize, e.g., friends groups, to a controlled list of users, rather than simply private vs. public. Thus reduces security through obscurity.
  • This has the current behavior as a subset: all old information has good defaults.
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • New UI for setting access control, rather than just a checkbox or other binary option.
  • May seem too complicated to some users.
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • 1. As part of the friends reorganization currenting planned for February (mentioned in news), ensure that checking friends group membership is cheap enough to use even more than it is now.
  • 2. For each kind of item with binary protection now, first update the backend to support group-based control, then upgrade the UI to display the control setting and to change it.
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