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Jess Hart

Separate Feeds Entry (as per Communities)

Separate Feeds Entry (as per Communities)

Short, concise description of the idea
Add an additional category below Communities on the Info page listing the LJ Feeds you read.

Full description of the idea
I looked for this suggestion in the Memories section and couldn't find it, so I apologize if I'm not the first one to suggest it.

On one's Info page, there are three categories for Friends. The first is obviously Friends, that being all of the journals you have added (and likely read on your Friends list). The second is Friend Of, consisting of those journals which have added you back as a Friend. The third is Communities, showing those LJ Communities you've joined.

Of the various types of LJs out there, the only two which will never add you back (because they aren't set up to do so) are Communities and LJ Feeds (those being LJs which reprint information from elsewhere, to be conveniently read on one's Friends page). Since Communities are separated out to show which LJs on your Friends list are communities rather than journals, there should be another category which shows the Feeds you have friended.

An ordered list of benefits

  • People looking at your Info page will be able to find out about different LJ Feeds they may not have otherwise known about.
  • Knowing which Friends of yours are Feeds, which are Communities, and which are Journals.
  • Clearing up the disparity between one's Friends list and Friend Of list more clear-cut (so that it doesn't look like nobody likes you if you happen to have a lot of Feeds added).
  • Helping to publicize the various feeds available on LJ, which LJers may not be using.
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • There may be no simple way to automatically filter LJ Feeds into their own group (though apparently LJ knows which journals are Feeds, which are Communities, and which are Journals).
  • There is no "joining" method for Feeds, so unlike Communities, one is not a "member" of a Feed.
  • Some people may simply not care if their Feeds are listed separately.
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • I would assume this idea would be implemented much as the Communities category was implemented, by filtering the Feeds into their own group and displaying them below the "Friends Of" list.
  • Alternately, Feeds can go on a "membership" system like Communities, where people actually "join" a Feed, though this would likely be more difficult to code.
  • Tags: friends, profile/userinfo, syndication, § implemented differently
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