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The Life of a Suggestion

Many people have been inquiring on "what happens next" after they've submitted a suggestion. I hope the following will provide some insight into the system as a whole.

Someone thinks up an idea, and fills out the form in the Suggestions Area. After submitting the form, it enters the community moderation queue. Moderators are notified by email of new submissions, and view them. At this point, there are two options:
  • The submission is rejected. Suggestion submissions are only rejected if they are invalid, incomplete, a duplicate, or the moderator is 100% positive that it isn't feasible. If your suggestion is rejected from the moderation queue, you will receive an email with the entire contents of your suggestion along with a short explanatory note and/or a URL.
  • The submission is approved. Any valid, original, potentially feasible suggestion is approved.¹ The suggestion is automatically posted to suggestions, and tags are immediately added.
After a suggestion has been approved, it is open for discussion. At this stage, many events may occur. The post may receive comments stating dis/approval, ideas or problems regarding the various aspects of the suggestion or its possible implementations, its feasibility, etc.

Note: Sometimes developers (volunteer or staff) will immediately migrate the suggestion and begin the implementation process. This does not always happen, and if this does not happen, it does not necessarily mean your suggestion will not be implemented.

After a reasonable period of time for discussion has passed, the maintainer(s) will determine how likely and desired/needed the suggestion is; at this point, there are two paths for the suggestion.
  • If the suggestion is determined to be plausible at that time, it will be migrated to the appropriate place to begin the implementation process (the LiveJournal bug & project tracking system, an appropriate official community, etc.). The suggestion will be tagged as "§ submitted".
    • The suggestion will receive a comment letting the original poster know that it has been migrated and it will be considered. After migration, it is out of suggestions's virtual hands.
    • Developers and/or site staff will either move forward and eventually implement it, or they will reject it. There is no set timeline for this process. It could take days, weeks, or months, and suggestions is unable to accelerate this process.
      • If developers/staff reject it once it has been migrated, another comment will be made to the suggestion stating such. The tag on the entry will change from "§ submitted" to "§ rejected". The maintainer will review these suggestions at a later time, but cannot guarantee that they will be re-migrated.
      • Developers/staff may alternatively choose to defer a decision on the feature until a later date. The tag on the entry will change from "§ submitted" to "§ deferred". Suggestions will be periodically reviewed and brought back to developer/staff attention, but a timeline for this process cannot be set.
    • If the suggestion is migrated and implemented, it will be announced in lj_releases. Those interested in receiving updates on new features, bug fixes, and various other modifications that have been implemented may wish to add that community to their friends lists or periodically visit it. The tag on the entry will change from "§ submitted" to either "§ implemented" or "§ implemented differently".
  • If the suggestion looks infeasible or unlikely after the discussion period, it will not be migrated at that time. However, it will remain in suggestions with the tag "§ no status".² The maintainer(s) will periodically return to past suggestions to reevaluate them.
Important: we request at this time that you refrain from migrating suggestions to LiveJournal's bug & project tracking system, unless you have previous LiveJournal development experience. It's best for someone with development experience to do this so that a meaningful feature request can be provided to developers and/or site staff.

¹ Sometimes a duplicate suggestion will be approved, but this happens only if the newer one is suggesting a better implementation, contains more details, or is suggesting it from a significantly different aspect.

² Suggestions that have not undergone any migration consideration will also be tagged with "§ no status" until they are reviewed for migration.

Other suggestions Updates:

Memories: Every single entry in this community has been added to one of two categories: All Suggestions or Administrative Topics. All suggestions (that is, non-administrative entries) have also been added to one or more other keyword categories. I am in the process of reorganising these, but I expect to be done by the end of the week. When done, I will test them with others to determine how intuitive and easy to use they are.

ETA (18 June 2005): As the edits to the "life of a suggestion" above indicate, we have switched gears from memories to tags. A list of tags is available on the main suggestions page, including links to filter to each tag category so you can view all entries with the selected tag.

Migration: I have started to migrate some suggestions, and I'll begin going through the older ones as well as the new ones for this purpose.

Maintainership: As you may have noticed, I have become the sole maintainer of suggestions, as erin resigned a few months ago. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her for the time she was able to contribute. Once I complete the memories project, I will take a couple of months to determine what level of involvement is needed to maintain the community fully caught-up, and what help I may need.

Thank you everyone for contributing your ideas and feedback to this community!
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