Sarah Ruth Lawrie (intelegantblond) wrote in suggestions,
Sarah Ruth Lawrie

another form of comment notification

another form of comment notification

Short, concise description of the idea
instead of only being informed of new comments through email, this idea would create a message that would pop up on your livejournal page somewhere notifying you and giving you access to the comment through clicking on the link. also, suggestions for easier navigation.

Full description of the idea
the origin: before becoming enlightened by discovering livejournal, i used melodramatic. on this, they had a page heading that was always there, even when visiting peoples pages. This gave you your options list for creating entries and such, and navigating through out the site. this is also where the comment notification would pop up, in the top left hand corner. livejournal is a million times better than melodramatic, but i greatly miss the ease of navigation that their format allowed.

by the way, if possible this menu and all its features would only be visible to a logged in livejournal member. a simple link to livejournal home is shown to the rest of the world.

(sorry, i'm not a very technical person so please excuse the lack of technical terms for things!)

An ordered list of benefits

  • comment notification when there is no access to your email account

  • instant notification of comments when navigating throughout livejournal

  • ease of navigation throughout the site, including navigation from friends pages
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • people may not favor having all the extra stuff on their pages
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • as i mentioned, i am in no way tech savy. so i have no clue how one would go about creating all of this. but, i do know it is somehow possible!
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