Yáng Yuǎn Zhì (adudeabides) wrote in suggestions,
Yáng Yuǎn Zhì

Reciprocate Friending Actions

Reciprocate Friending Actions

Short, concise description of the idea
Allow a user to select an option to automatically reciprocate friending actions.

Full description of the idea
Allow any given user to enable an option on the Edit Info page (http://www.livejournal.com/editinfo.bml) that will automatically reciprocate friending actions. That is, if user-bob friends user-tom, then user-bob is automatically friended back with no intervention required; if user-bob decided he no longer likes the journal of user-tom and unfriends him then he is automatically removed, again requiring no action on user-tom's part. Additionally, a list box should be included on the Edit Info page with the option to select which friends group(s) to automatically add new friends to. This is important for those that use custom filters and particularly for those who don't want people automatically added to the "Default View" friends group; for example, I would want everyone added to my "priv-todo-add" group and not "Default View" (though I use Default View a little differently, if you view my Friends page). I originally wanted to call this option "Force Reciprocation of Friends" but though that this might give some the impression that if they friended someone that person's journal would be forced to friend them back...or some may be concerned they'll be forcefully added to a friends list by someone who has the option enabled. A user would have to enable this option to allow for their lists to automatically update.

An ordered list of benefits

  • An option for easier management of friends list (especially those with large lists). Particularly useful for those who have no problems with people being on their friends list, but don't like the trouble of updating their friends lists frequently.
  • The option to control which friends group new friends are added to ensures security and integrity of friends groups (if user doesn't screw it up, that is).
  • Adds to the overall functionality of LJ that makes it so unique (despite all the daughter-sites) and enjoyable. The possibility of making this a paid-only feature occurrs to me, but given that the large majority of users are Free accounts, I feel it best to be a feature everyone can utilize.
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • Some people will not understand how it works or exactly what it entails, so they'll complain about it not working ot not working right. Related to this would be the enabling of the option without knowing what it does and the resulting complaints of "sum1 aded theirself 2 my freind list an i didnt do it omg whats gong on they haxored mee!!"
  • Potential for abuse/harassment...that is, if you remove user-annoying from your friends list, they friend you back and your journal automatically friends them back. There's likely a way to code the function so once someone is removed they can't add you back, but if not the user can just disable the option.
  • Drama. But there's potential for drama with anything. People will be stupid. They can be told to shut up and disable the option if it's a problem.
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • People like the idea, support it, and toss out general praise on how good the idea is and how they'd use it or how how useful it will be though they won't use it.
  • Somehow becomes an option that will actually be adopted and integrated into the site (I have yet to figure this process out - I believe getting around it involves some sort of craft capapble of the speed it takes to escape a black hole, a maze filled with monsters and deep pits with spikes at the bottom, and a balding canary).
  • Code monkeys figure out the coding mumbo jumbo to make this magic work. Later on after it goes live they go back and tweak it, if need be.
  • The FAQs be updated to reflect this change, and clearly explain what it does. This step may be optional, as no one seems to use the FAQs.
  • Tags: friends, friends management, § historical
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