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additional user info/interests

first off i know that other things are being worked on right now and new features are not being added at the moment, but this just popped into my head and i didn't want to forget it so.....

details/explanation thingie:
I notice a lot of people comment on how much space is given for interests. I was just thinking how nicey nice it would be if in addition to the interests there were subcatagories where all lj users would be allowed to add more specific interests.

For example, under interests they would have the option to make two more catagories (and name them or choose from a drop down list perhaps) and then list, say 20 or so things, within each one. Like music, and then list their favorite musicians/songs.. or movies.. or authors and so on.

I know this can just be added within the bio part if one wanted, but that means then that those interests would not be linked to the interests of others that share them.

I think everyone likes the chance to show what they like and many people feel limited within interests so a specific subcatagory would give them the opportunity to list other favorites they want to stand out.

well, i think it would make a lot of people happy. Plus let people add specific interests that they have not added before because they felt they had no room for it within the normal interests area. It also would make it easier for others who are viewing the persons user info to find those specific interests within a tidy little catagory.

problems/issues involved:
just one more thing to add. Besides the work of adding the feature I don't see any problems it can cause.

as always, just a suggestion. I really do think that personalization is important to many and giving them the chance to show as much as they can helps them feel more understood. Again, these things can be placed within a bio (but then would not be linked to others who share it). It could also just be added to a journal, but after a while they end up getting lost in the entries. It just seemd like a nice little (yet not really needed) feature that everyone can enjoy.
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