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Daniel W. Ottey

Creation of a firstn view/style page.

This has been suggested before in one form or another, but I'm not sure its been done in any clear manner using the template and/or accompanied by the method I propose. So I will now try again.

Creation of a firstn view/style page.

Short, concise description of the idea
Create a firstn style page, similar to the lastn style page, that will display a users journal from start to finish.

Full description of the idea
The firstn style page will display a user's journal starting from the beginning. This will be similar to the lastn style page which display's a user's journal starting from his/her last post. In the firstn style page, each page will contain "n" number of entries from the user's journal. The links at the bottom of the page ("<< Previous N" and "Next N >>") will skip N number of entries from the beginning of the user's journal.

The firstn style page should use the eventtime of a journal entry, as opposed to the systemtime at the time of entry-posting. This way the output of the journal would be in chronological order based on the user-entered eventtime and not the systemtime.

An ordered list of benefits
  • An easy method of linking to a user's first journal entry.
  • An easy method of viewing a user's journal in chronological order.
  • Along with above, an easy method of printing a user's journal from start to finish (chronological book format).
  • This will stop people from asking for this feature, because there have been many requests for it in suggestions

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Somebody would have to create (and code) a new view method (similar, but in reverse order, to the lastn view)
  • Somebody would have to create new style pages for the 6 current free styles (so that new free account users would be able to use this view/style)
  • Users who have configured their own styles for the four current views (lastn, calendar, friends, day) would want to (but not need to) configure a style for the new firstn view.
  • This might be not worth the effort if something similar can be accomplished using the hopefully-soon-to-be-released S2

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation
I assume the firstn view will be very similar to the lastn view (code-wise). It would just need to use a different SQL query to the database to pull journal entries in chronological order using eventtime, as opposed to reverse-chronological order using systemtime (or is that posttime?)... If I'm wrong with this assumption, I'm sorry. But from what I recall in my database class, this code change for a different type of SQL query should not be difficult.

Comments? Ideas? Additions? Lets discuss!
Tags: entry management, styles, § historical
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