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batch responses to users who report livejournal bugs

batch responses to users who report livejournal bugs

Short, concise description of the idea
When many users experience and report the same bug to livejournal support, there is no easy way for support volunteers to let them know when the problem has been fixed.

Full description of the idea
If new code goes live with a bug that affects many users, support volunteers respond that the bug is known and developers will fix it as soon as possible and then close the support ticket. As I understand it, there is currently no way for users to find out that developers think that the bug is fixed. There is no easy way for support volunteers to group these requests as responded to but pending a real solution. If the ability to group users existed, it might also be easy for a support person (or the developer who fixes the bug) to send a mass email to everyone who reported the bug to let them know it has been fixed.

An ordered list of benefits

  • users will know when lj developers have fixed a bug they care about
  • users who had the bug can test the bug fix
  • developers get better feedback on whether one bug fix resolved the problem for everyone; sometimes multiple bugs cause the same error (because people who do not see improvement have no way of knowing that livejournal developers think they have fixed the problem and refreshing their request)
  • users feel like someone still knows they have a problem and cares to fix it (closing a request for help with the "we'll try to fix it" message and then never getting back to the user gives them the message that no one really cares that they have a problem, particularly when the problem remains after a long period of time)
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • time spent modifying the support system to group users (and display the group in a sane way that does not interfere with support folks viewing and responding to new requests)
  • time spent writing a tool that would allow support volunteers or developers to email a response to a group of users
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • I'm not sure of the details of the current livejournal support system, so I'm not sure what would be required to add this feature. Presumably someone would need to add the ability to group together reports of the same bug. Someone would need to make requests with this pending-fix status not get automatically closed after a week. Someone would (and this would probably be the easiest to implement) need to write a script that would let a developer or support person send an email response to a specified group of users.
  • Even without major modification of the support system, this functionality could be implemented with something as simple as a file for each major bug in a revision control system. Volunteers could add lj user names to the file as they report the bug. It seems like it would be fairly quick and straightforward to write a script that would take the file and look up the email address for each user and mail them a message about the bug.
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