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Increased security for accounts regarding mail addresses

Increased security for accounts regarding mail addresses

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The current scheme of having prior email addresses being able to be reactivated and to gain control of an account is not secure either as mail accounts are often after some time not under the control of the same individual

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People tend to change mail accounts. Long time users did so before the current system of reclaiming control of an account has been introduced. Many might not know of the systems existence and thus not care about which accounts they may have used in the past. Many mail services will recycle accounts after a while. Be it ISPs whose customer you were yet have switched elsewhere or any other service. It is thus possible to obtain that account and take control of an account here. Not likely, but possible. Thus, I suggest that after a year of use with a new mail address the older ones can be deleted. The likelihood that an account was compromised and that it has gone by unnoticed is extremely highly unlikely, yet increases security in general in the light of the possibility of compromising an account by means of old abandoned email addresses.

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