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search for names

Title: Search for Names

Short, concise description of the idea:
To be able to search for first, last, or full names in the search engine for lj.

Full description of the idea:
In the orange bar in the lj header, people can search lj for username, email, interest, aol im, and icq number. Additional ways to search for users would be to have search options for first names, last names, or full names. The results of the three options would be modeled after the interests search so that when one of the categories is chosen, a list of user(s) shows up.

1. Suppose you know someone who has a lj but you don't know or don't remember what their username, email, aim, or icq # is. All you know is the real name of the person, whether it be the first, last, or full name. These would be helpful categories to find the person.
2. Also if the person chooses not to reveal that kind of info (email address, aim, or icq #) or doesn't list the info, you would not be able to find them.
3. Some usernames are complicated or detailed (contrary to norm), so that there are extra punctuation marks, slang, and/or a unique way of spelling. The chances for entering the username wrong is high. Even if you know just the first name, once the resulting list comes up, you can recognize the username you had been searching for.
4. Pure entertainment.

An ordered list of benefits for each category:
-To find people you are looking for if you don't know their other id's.
-Helpful if you make mistakes in entering a username.
-If you have a curiosity to know all the people with the same first, last, or full name as you. This is directed mostly toward first names though.

-More search engines to create.
-Possible conflict w/ directory problems.
Tags: searches, § historical
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