Dick Williams (kaseymoe) wrote in suggestions,
Dick Williams

Display Option Needed for "Friends Of" listing

Option within Profile for displaying the "Friends of" list.

Short Description:

I propose that an option be provided within the Profile section for either Displaying or Not Displaying the "Friends Of" list. Currently Live Journal users have no control over the "Friends Of" display. It shows up whenever a visitor examines a Profile. And anyone can become a Friend Of another user without granting permission.

Full Description:

Either maliciously or without mal intent it's possible that a particular "Friends Of" list can provide links to Journals and websites that are at variance with the original users beliefs or lifestyle. With options for most other display and privacy features I feel the "Friends Of" list should also be a display option. In a larger sense it seems to me that the original user should have two options. First, a user should be able to vote yay or nay on being added to another user's friends list and secondly the same choices should exist for the display of the "Friends of List" via the Profile.

Some may keep a professional journal, advertised to their own professional associates. They may also have interests and affiliations outside that profession that they wish to keep separate from their Professional journal. Well meaning friends may add any user but that association can later lead to areas of a person's life they'd normally not disclose to business or professional associates.

Ordered Benefits:

An added privacy feature in keeping with other aspects of Life Journal options

Provides user control over display of the "Friends Of" list which is a wild card, not under control of the original user

Currently a user would have to contact someone on the "Friends Of" list, explain the reason they wish to be taken off that user's list and in general be placed in a very awkward position.


I feel such an option will benefit users who might otherwise shy away from creating or using a Life Journal. Also many users probably do not realize that they can be added to other user's "Friends:" list without an approval step and will be surprised if and when they view their "Friends Of" list via the profile. It seems an obvious security and privacy matter that should be addressed rather quickly.

Implementation requires software changes by those who maintain the Live Journal website.
Tags: friends, privacy, profile/userinfo, § implemented differently
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