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Block Specific Userpic

Block Specific Userpic

Short, concise description of the idea
Logged-in users could block certain userpics of other users from ever being shown to them again.

Full description of the idea
I noticed that users on my friends list have some user icons that I don't care for at all. Someone who posts in a community has a user icon with atrocious grammar; a friend has an icon I think in horribly poor taste. It's not an issue for Abuse; they're well within their rights to have the icons; I just don't care to see them. But I would rather not turn off images in my browser, and I would rather not choose a friends page layout that does not show user icons, and I would rather keep the community and my friend on my friends list. Selective blocking of user pictures could allow this to be done easily. You could possibly block icons a single one at a time, or maybe even block all of a certain user's icons. A user would go to a "block user icon" page and identify the specific user icon to be blocked. From then on, this user would see a notice similar to "Userpic Blocked" instead of that icon, wherever it appeared. It would be nice to display the icon being blocked, and the username of the person it belonged to on the Edit Blocked User Icons page, so a user could identify at a glance what they have blocked.

An ordered list of benefits

  • +Users could quietly block questionable icons if they felt it was not an issue for Abuse, saving the time of the users and Abuse.
  • +Another nifty feature to encourage users to buy paid time
  • +Makes LJ safer for kids
  • +Reduces user/user conflict
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • -Users would be less cautious about using questionable default icons, knowing that people who got upset about them could block the icon
  • -Lengthen page load times
  • -More stress on the servers
  • -Less technically-oriented users might find it hard to identify specific pictures
  • -Users would get upset if it worked sporadically
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • It sounds, at first glance, like it should be similar to renaming a user, but it would probably be a little more tricky. Similar to filtered post security, but on the icons instead?
  • The number of icons that would be blockable might be limited for free users, decent for paid users and early adopters, and generous for permanent accounts.
  • Don't know how to treat it if an icon were deleted. User icons stay around for a while in the files, if not accessable by the user whose icon it had been. You would want to alert the user with the icon filter in place that the icon had been deleted so the user could make a new filter.
  • This feature would likely go hand-in-hand with the proposed friends-only icon idea.
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