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View random friendless users

Title: View random friendless users

Short description
To aid in new users getting into the community of LiveJournal, there should be a way to view the journals of random users who don't have any friends yet!

Full description
LiveJournal is all about community. It's about meeting people and making new friends. What better way to do this than to help lonely users be found. I would like to see a new option added that is just like the "Find Users: Random" option, except it would be limited to users with no friends, or perhaps only 1 or 2. Optionally, there could be a similar option that would be limited to users that have just joined livejournal within the last month or so. That way, users who are new and/or lonely (no friends) could be found and get into the livejournal experience easier!

  • New users will get into the LJ experience easier and more quickly

  • New users will be less likely to abandon their accounts due to lack of interest

  • Everybody will be happier, and world peace will surely follow
Problems/issues involved
  • Heavier hit on the database due to added query clause(s)
Tags: friends, searches, social networking, § historical
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