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Creating a page to see the memories entries in expanded form


Creating a page to see the memories entries in expanded form

Short, concise description of the idea

Possibility to enter in a page where all the entries on a particular memory subject (ex fun stuff) are written not only as title but as complete entriese, in a format similar to the Recent page.

Full description of the idea

Right now if a person is interested in all the memories on a particular subject needs to download them one by one, making numeros calls to the server.
Soon people don't read many of them just for lack of time, or of patience.

Also, as a personal note I observed how I tend to have many different topic going on in a parallel way on my lj.
This would permit me, and people like me to organize them in memories thread and have an effective different journal for each thread.

An ordered list of benefits

1) Possibility to rapidly read and download all the memories on a subject.

2) Possibility to skim through entries and find the information we are looking for.

3) Possibility to have your journal organised in different threads, and see each thread separately.

4) I always forget number 4.

5) Possibility to organise the memories as chapters of a book. 'Chap1' 'Chap2'. With a nearly complete control on how each chapter/page/thread would look like.

6) I would be happier. :)

An ordered list of problems/issues involved

1) Needs to be coded, and probably just cut and paste would not be enough, soon people would ask to be able to personalise the page too, with extra beuty, but also extra coding time.

2) As every new feauture will make the LJ more complicated, both to organise (from the user prospective) AND to read as people would move through pages. New people could more easily get lost.
'sort of get lost:
look at my memories'

Already a friend said that she needed some time to figure out how all this place was working.

Send it in for reviewing
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