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to avoid many unnecessary questions about LJ-status.

Short, concise description of the idea.
How about setting up another web site which gives LJ-users some real information about what is happening during down-time + an estimate of downtime expected.
Full description :
Because LJ-maintenance is located on the LJ-servers and uses the same databases that are having the problems, this information is unavailable during down-time.
So, in putting up another web site (even on some free-web space somewhere would do) that does give LJ-users the answers to their questions on why they cannot reach/post/comment on Live journal while it is down, you could probably avoid many unnecessary emails to the support team. And it would certainly beat the 'we're currently working on something page' that doesn't really say anything useful.
ordered list of benefits
more satisfied users, less support calls/emails.
this extra web page has to be updated at times where you guys probably have other things to worry about...

p.s. Please don't kill me if I'm the 5784584566845th person to ask 4 this one. Thanx.
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