Larry "The Al Pacino of Analogy" Gilbert (l2g) wrote in suggestions,
Larry "The Al Pacino of Analogy" Gilbert

Extra JavaScript usage hint for timestamping of journal entries


When a user goes to the "update journal" form, if the user's browser is not using JavaScript (and thus their local time can't be determined), display a note saying so and saying that the timestamp is based on the server's local time instead of the user's computer.


Prevent confusion over timestamps that do not match the user's local time by suggesting a likely solution.


The additional markup necessary may take longer to load if there is too much. There is a risk of added confusion for users who don't understand what JavaScript is, how to re-enable it or whether they can re-enable it in their browsers.

Implementation suggestion

A message like this one could be presented to the user: "Your Web browser is not using JavaScript, so your local time cannot be determined. The time and date have been filled in for you based on the server's local time. To avoid this in the future, see your browser's documentation about enabling JavaScript."

Tags: documentation, entry creation, user interface, § implemented
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