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Username Protocol

Username Protocol

Short, concise description of the idea
Username Protocol: list of protocols that may be useful when creating a username in a new live journal account.

Full description of the idea
Have an area given over to Username Protocol. This area would list username protocols and assist new users in choosing the correct name the first time and avoid disappointment, time wasting and possibly wasting money as well. suggested list (please add to this list): 1.Underscores are the only punctuation allowed in usernames. 2.Usernames will be displayed as lower case only (no caps allowed). 3.Usernames of personal journals - not communities - can be changed for a $15 USD fee. The process has complications and can create confusion for other users, so a fee is charged to discourage people from doing it lightly. See to purchase or use a rename code. LiveJournal identifies your account by your user number, not your user name. Renaming an account simply changes the name associated with that number - everything else about the account remains the same. Paid or Permanent account status, user privileges, Friends, personal info, and other account-related data will be the same with the new username. All existing comments in other journals and posts in communities will display the new username. What happens when someone tries to access the old username? You have two options. The old username can automatically redirect users to the new username - using this option is encouraged, so links to posts in your old journal don't break. This redirection will remain in place as long as your account exists. Alternately, the old username can be marked as deleted, so anyone who visits the journal will receive an error message. The old username will remain unavailable for at least 30 days. As a convenience, you can also choose whether or not to preserve Friend-Ofs when renaming a journal. If Friend-Ofs are preserved, then everyone listing your old username as a friend will continue to list your new username as a friend. If Friend-Ofs are not preserved, you will be removed from the Friends lists of all other users when your account is renamed. (Of course, they can then add you again.)

An ordered list of benefits

  • This are would assist new users in choosing the correct name the first time and avoid disappointment, time wasting and possibly wasting money as well.

  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • Someone would have to compile the protocols - but at least it has been started...
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • Pop a link to the Username Protocols by the Username text entry field on the "Create a New Journal" form and have a link to it from the FAQ, because that is where I went to look for possible protocols but I couldn't find any...
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