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the option to enclose a footer or copyright disclaimer and symbol as an option in LJ Settings

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Since LJ allows the individual user to retain ownership of all materials posted, it would follow that users can post journal entries as copyrighted material, even if it is posted publically. Comments left in a person's journal by others would also be ownership of the user's journal. This could guard against the collection of others' creative work and writing from being collected from third parties for profit or exploitation without written permission of the owner. Each user could create their own "copyright footer" for every post and on user's Info page that would alert readers that material is copyright protected. Also, by including a person on your Friends listing, it could be assumed that all LJ Users have "limited use" privileges to post your content only on their LJ Friends pages.

An ordered list of benefits

  • LJ User's postings and original photos could be better protected as their own creative work.
  • Third Parties and other users of LJ could not reproduce someone's creative work without obtaining permission
  • Places ultimate liability for creative material AWAY from LiveJournal, and in the hands of the OWNER, above and beyond terms of use.
  • Allows a default "limited use" permission for users of the LJ system to ONLY reproduce content within the forum of a LiveJournal friends webpage.
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • Other users may not wish to have their comments be "owned' by another LJ user
  • When LJ users post poetry and non-original writing, a copyright symbol footer could be added, misleading the reader that it is original writing/photography/art, when in fact it is not.
  • The protection of copyrighted material may not be to the scope or goals of the administrators of the LJ community.
  • Nothing prohibits a user now from placing his/her own copyright and disclaimer with every entry now.
  • Without a limited use agreement by default, the posting of copyrighted work in a "friends" page by LJ could be a violation of copyright, unless stated in the Terms Of Service or User Agreements for the use of LJ. Perhaps a default message on a user's friends page would be needed (All content displayed on this page falls under LJ's limited use guideline for Copyrighted works)
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • more information on the terms of use and user agreement as to works that are copyrighted.
  • Provide protections by adding a custom option to include a copyright footer to each message, that could be carried into a person's friend list too.
  • A small link to LJ's limited use permission could be added to any copyright footer detailing terms of limited use to LJ subscribers for their posting on LJ friends site ONLY.
  • LJ would need to state that they were not responsible for other's falsely copyrighting another's creative work and claiming it as one's own.
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