Reverend Stephen Booth (stephenbooth_uk) wrote in suggestions,
Reverend Stephen Booth

Allow users to specify number of entries in URL

Currently the only way, that I'm aware of, to specify the number of entries displayed in a page is to edit the style used and specify the appropriate value.

Ammend the scripts used for query and display to take as input a setting 'entries' from the URL called. eg:

If entries is not specified then default to that set in the style or if it is greater than the maximum allowed then default to the maximum.

If entries is 0 or 'today' then display only entries made today upto the maximum allowed.

One user may access their journal from a variety of devices. Whilst it may be preferable on a desktop based browser to display a large number of entries per page, on a smaller device (especially one with low bandwidth) such as a Palm or WAP/iMode phone fewer entries per page would be preferable.

Would allow users to tune their page sizes to the situation they are in (device, link speed etc) especially for journals that they may need to view but do not own so have no control over the style used.


Extra work parsing the URL.

Someone's got to write the extra functionality.
Tags: styles, § historical
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