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First Note from the Maintainers

If you are reading this, then you are already doing the right thing to help mold and tweak LiveJournal to have all the features and capabilities you want it to have.

But we'd like to see you participate more. As maintainers, asciident and I have a few plans for this community.

1. A new style has been applied to the community, as well as a link to a "Recent 50 Posts (Summary)", this only displays the titles of the last 50 entries. This was prompted by a recent suggestion from lyspeth. The original style was created by deslea, and many thanks goes to her for allowing suggestions to use the style.

2. In the next day or so, the members list for Suggestions will be cleared, allowing only the maintainers and certain members of LJ-staff. Currently, no one has posting ability other than maintainers and staff. The only benefit to membership is the ability to see Friends Only entries, and that doesn't apply to suggestions. The benefit of deleting it is to help welcome new users who may want to post a suggestion, but get frustrated that they can't just join the community like the other 263 people.

3. Implementation/follow the timeline:

1. Suggestion is posted by Foo
2. Once the community has received 10 suggestions or one week as passed (whichever comes first), a poll will be posted by the maintainers. Simple Yes/No voting.
3. At the 48 hour mark, the polls close. Suggestions given the "Yes" will be forwarded to the proper people (typically Zilla, lj_dev, or other).

However, there are some suggestions which will never happen. We all know, if you've been watching this community for any length of time, you've seen the same suggestions over and over again, and you've seen them shot down over and over again.

For the suggestions that will never happen, myself or asciident will note it in the comments, and those suggestions will not be mentioned in the polls.

Unfortunately, some things will never be implemented. But that shouldn't stop you from suggesting them. Your exact idea may not work due to technical limitations, but that doesn't mean a variation of your idea would have the same difficulty being implemented.

Lastly, anyone is free to volunteer with LiveJournal. Submitting a suggestion is one way to do it but there are several other ways.

I look forward to this new responsibility, and I'm sure asciident does as well!

Comments/Questions/Suggestions to this post are welcome :)
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