Antimony Azazello (atomicnumber51) wrote in suggestions,
Antimony Azazello

a "Cast of Characters" page

Description of the idea
Add a page to each journal where the user can list the names/pseudonyms of the people they talk about often, and short descriptions of who they are. This page could be linked from the top of the journal, in the same area where the links to the profile and friends pages are, or this information could be accessible from the profile page.
Phred - My S.O. Who I've been seeing for 3 years.
Charlene - My best friend from elementary school who cut off my hair with scissors in art class in 2nd grade.


An ordered list of benefits
- Allows readers, especially new readers, to know who people referred to in a journal are.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved
Must be editable in some way, so there must be at least a web interface for manipulating this function.
Would probably then have to be written in to newer versions of clients.
Not clear how this function would apply in communities.

Suggestions for implementation
Um, not really sure what hints. The concept is pretty straightforward, each "character" gets two fields, a short one for their name, and a longer one for their description.
Tags: profile/userinfo, § historical
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