Shannon (shannon_elaine) wrote in suggestions,

Visiting ISP Logging

Logging all IP's that visit your journal and keep track of number of times per day that they came there.

I'd like to see something that would record the IP's of everyone who visits my journal. I'd also like it to show how many times per day they visit or how many times per week.
This would be good to see if people that you may not want seeing your journal have found it, or if you think you are being stalked. Like currently my husband's ex wife checks my journal several times a day. She even looks at my calendar to see how may entries she can see and how many I have protected. It's creepy.
Anyway, that's my idea. I'm not a computer genius but this can be done on web pages so it should be possible here shouldn't it? Maybe make it an option. You can turn it on or not.
Tags: statistics, visitor counter and my guests, § historical
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