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Candidates for Maintainer

There was some confusion with the email address to send applications to (my fault, not yours), and so I'm going to alter this election procedure slightly, just to make sure that I'm not unfairly penalizing anyone due to my error.

Here are the six applicants for maintainership that I've received so far, along with a brief summary of their application email. (I hate doing summaries; if you feel I didn't get the useful information from your email, please, rectify it in a comment!) I'd like to invite the six applicants to leave a comment to this entry, posting a more detailed "campaign speech" -- this is your chance to convince your fellow community members why you should be the new maintainer. Meanwhile, if you emailed an application and your name isn't on this list, please email me directly (rahaeli@livejournal) stating that your initial application wasn't received, and I'll edit the entry accordingly.

I apologize for the confusion; it's entirely my fault.

On Wednesday (29 Jan 2003) I'll post the poll to allow people to vote for a new maintainer or maintainers (the poll will include a question about whether you feel there should be two maintainers; it's a lot of work.)

The applicants so far are, in alphabetical order:

asciident: Maintainer of lj_nifty; able to give lots of time, closely involved with and enjoys suggestion-to-implementation process. Would like position because she enjoys maintaining communities and likes to contribute back to LiveJournal.

braindrain: Support volunteer and FAQ editor; familiar with the site and development concerns. Would like position because he wants to help keep users involved in the development process, and be more active about implementing users' ideas.

erin: Very familiar with past suggestions, official communities, and Zilla; experienced in providing feedback and mediating disputes without having people feel 'flamed'.

jackola: Lots of time; knowledge of site architecture, implementation, development. Would like position because he would like to contribute to the site in ways other than support.

pezstar: Familiar with development and implementation; admin at uJournal support and so experienced with official communication.

rho: Familiar with development and implementation; lots of free time. Would like position to make suggestions a useful tool, rather than a "black hole".
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