Hello Kitty, Destroyer of Worlds (rahaeli) wrote in suggestions,
Hello Kitty, Destroyer of Worlds

Call for Nominations: New Maintainer

As some of you may have realized, the community's memories have been updated through to December of '02 (deleting many duplicate suggestions along the way).

I'd like to thank mega, previous maintainer of the community, for all of her work in the past.

We are looking for a new maintainer for suggestions, which is an official LiveJournal community. The ideal candidate will be able to:

* Identify previously posted suggestions and gently point users to past discussions
* Maintain a healthy, flame-free community
* Be aware of site architecture concerns, planned development, and common problems
* Be familiar with Zilla, LiveJournal's bug tracking database, to migrate excellent suggestions to Zilla tickets
* Be able to accurately and completely prioritize new suggestions
* Update the community's memories two or three times a month, minimum
* Be able to comport him- or herself in a manner suitable for a maintainer of an official community

We're looking for someone who's familiar with LiveJournal as a whole, site development efforts, and user concerns. If you're interested, please email rahaeli@livejournal.com with a brief discussion of why you feel you would be qualified for the job -- and why you'd like to do it! -- by Monday, 27 January 2003. I'll make another post then discussing the candidates, and we can hold an election for the new maintainer.
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