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To U or Not to U

I used the LJ spell checker yesterday prior to posting my second ever journal entry. Out of all the possible misspellings and misuses (lower case 'a' Armagnac, the ever elusive 'liqueur', lightening vs.lightning...) the word it offered new and improved options for was 'neighbours'.
While it is true that the US supplies the overwhelming majority of LJ users to date, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and many others have their devotees too and in none of those places would 'neighbours' be a misspelt word.
I don't suggest 'neighbour' (or 'colour' or 'honour' or 'favour' or...) be made the standard, but a spell checker capable of offering, as alternatives, 'neighbors', 'neighbor's', 'neighbor', 'neighborers', 'neighborer's', 'neighborer' and 'neighborly' might also have room for 'neighbours' and variant recognition would be such a nice cosmopolitan touch.
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