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11th February 2008 
_support, wheatthicks

make lj user linking to OpenID users easier

Short, concise description of the idea
Make it easier to create an LJ user tag link to an OpenID account, by doing a find-and-replace on the URL.

Full description of the idea
Currently, it's very difficult to create an lj user link to an OpenID user. For example, to link to bradfitz's OpenID account ext_1, I had to:

* Go to the profile page for that account
* Click on "more details"
* Look in the Virtual Gifts line to find the "ext number" for that account (is this getting silly yet?)
* create an LJ user link using <lj user="ext_1">

My suggestion is to have LJ's HTML cleaner look for any user tag with a period in the username (such as <lj user="bradfitz.com">), assume the username given is an OpenID, search the registered OpenID users to see if one of them has that URL, and if it does, convert the specified username into its appropriate ext_1234567 username. (If no such OpenID user exists, then it should error out in whatever way it currently errors out for usernames with periods in them.)

An ordered list of benefits
  • OpenID, while still not fully integrated neatly into LJ, would be a bit easier to use, possibly encouraging more people to use it
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Coding time, as usual
  • HTML cleaner might not be able to handle this sort of thing
  • Weird behavior might ensue when linking to a user who later changes his OpenID URL (if such a thing is possible), or when linking to an OpenID user who hasn't registered on LJ yet but later does
Childfree Pride &amp; In Science Logic and R

Add Another Adult Content Flag

Short, concise description of the idea
Adding another Adult Content Flag will allow authors to generate content suitable for anyone but will prevent the content from being shown to minors because the author wants to communicate with adults only.

Full description of the idea
For me, another Adult Content Flag is extremely important. I have no interest in communicating with minors and vice versa. The current three flags, "No Adult Content", "Adult Concepts" and "Explicit Adult", do not allow me to label my content correctly, which is for adults only without any type of adult content. The new flag that I want added would identify content for adults only without adult content, and prevent me from communicating with minors and vice versa. That flag would be named something like "For Adults Only", for want of a better name. The flag would identify content that is meant only for an adult audience, but does not contain explicit adult content and does not contain adult concepts.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Prevents minors from reading content that does not contain adult concepts and does not contain explicit adult content that the author does not want them to read.
  • Prevents communication between adults that do not want to communicate with minors.
  • Allow adults to view the material that is for adults without adult concepts or without explicit adult content at work without having to worry that the material may make them lose their jobs.
  • Increases the chance that the material properly labeled "For Adults Only - Safe" will be read by other adults compared to material mislabeled "Adult Concepts" or "Explicit Adult" that those adults would not read.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • No drawbacks.
CyberWuff v4.2

Hiding "Interests", "Groups", and "User Pics" from non-friends and minors

Short, concise description of the idea
It would be good to be able to hide certain "Interests", "Groups", and "User Pics" associated with one's profile, in a similar manner to how individual posts can be protected.

Full description of the idea

I appreciate what LJ has done in adding a filter when posting content, for it to be marked as "adult" (conceptual or explicit). I also like the fact that my posts can be "Friends-only" or even only visible to certain groups.

However, on the "Profile" page, it is possible to have Interests and Groups which someone may want to have hidden from non-friends, and also which may be inappropriate to show to those who don't want to (or shouldn't) see 'adult' content.

eg. various fetishes, issues concerning gender identification or sexuality, identifiable imagery, etc.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Users wouldn't need to hold back information related to their profile out of fear of people they don't want to see it doing so (=> increased use of site, popularity, etc., as users have increased confidence to share content).
  • Minors would be less likely to run into offensive imagery viewing someone's user pics.
  • Minors would be less likely to run into offensive interests or groups in profile pages.
  • Consistent options for other user content as individual posts enjoy.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Time to implement
  • Relies on users (a) knowing about the feature, and (b) adjusting their interests/userpics/etc. if they want to take advantage of it.
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