February 2nd, 2008


A way to solve the disputes about features being "opt out" or "opt in"

A way to solve the disputes about features being "opt out" or "opt in"

Short, concise description of the idea
Allow users to set in their profiiles whether they want to be automatically included in future updates and features, or whether they want to choose to opt into them later on

Full description of the idea
Any time a new feature is introduced, there are complains from people who didn't want any part of it, and who feel like they had lj set up exactly as they wanted it already. The constant suggestion from many people is to make new features "opt-in", in other words, the feature is automatically off, but you can choose to switch it on if you like. At present, the features are normally "opt-out", in other words you are included by default but you can turn the features off if you don't like them. The problem with making features "opt out" is that those who do not wish their journal settings to change have to constantly update them. The problem with making features "opt in" is that those who wish to try new features have to switch each one on as it appears. A solution to this is to add an additional option on the "viewing options" page, or elsewhere in the journal setup allowing people to choose to be included or excluded by default from new updates and features. If you choose to be excluded, you can of course opt in to individual features later, just as if you choose to be included you can opt out of them.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Allows those who do not wish to see new features automatically to opt out of future ones without having to constantly change journal settings.
  • Still allows the majority of livejournal users to see and enjoy new features as they become available.
  • Ends a lot of the irritation in comments to "news" posts
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • by default, everyone would have to be set to be included in upcoming features, which will cause one more cry of "make it opt-in!"
  • people will inevitably find something else to complain about
  • one more choice to make in everyone's profile.