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client history

client history

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Clearing the client/version history

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As an aside to cryo's post here, I was wondering if it would be difficult to add an option to clear client history on userinfo only. Since the stats page only covers the last 30 days, it would not need to be altered.

While some people like having the long list of clients in their info, others do not. For instance, if a user tests his own client and later stops working on it, they may not wish to have it listed in their info anymore. Or you may have tried many different clients in the past and as a way to show your support for a particular client or clients, you could clear the old ones out.

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  • Better looking userinfo page for someone who does not want all previous clients listed
    Allows a user to better show their support for their favourite clients, by not having dozens of past clients listed
    Would not affect the stats page for programmers wondering how many people have used their client in the last month
    Would let a user remove any past jokes or anything in the client history, as addressed in cryo's post mentioned above
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  • A client developer would not be able to view one's userinfo for client history for debugging, but that should not matter...since the latest client would presumably be listed anyway, unless someone clears history just before asking for help.
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  • Since this would not be a widely-used feature, and to make it easier to implement, there would not need to be a visible option for it. It could be a simple command in the Admin Console. clear_client_history <user>, perhaps. This would also limit the chance that one may clear it accidentally and want it back.
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