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Emoticons in journal entries

Short, concise description of the idea:
Users could use the comment-field or mood-field emoticons, or maybe a subset of them, within journal entries.

Full description of the idea:
Users could use an lj specific tag to insert a graphical emoticon within a journal entry. I'm talking about things like a smiley face, winky face, tongue face. The kinds of things people normally use :-) ;-) and :-p for ... I guess, in reality, looking for the "standard" AOL Instant Messenger emoticon set.

I've tried this in my own journal, by posting those 16 emoticons on my webserver and linking to them in my journals (like this ) when I want to place one. The result is slow journal loading time, because it has to pull the graphics off of my webserver each time.

An ordered list of benefits:
  • Users get to see graphical emoticons instead of textual ones
  • More emotion can be displayed within a user's journal than before
  • We wouldn't have to see the lame textual emoticons anymore (atleast as often)
  • I would be happy

An ordered list of problems/issues involved:
  • How to decide which emoticon set is available for use within journals? Comment emoticons or mood emoticons?
  • More strain on the LiveJournal image servers
  • Perhaps slower loading times for journal pages

An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation:
Create an LJ tag like <lj icon="smile"> to link to a graphical emoticon on the LiveJournal image server such as

Hope this all made sense :-) er, I meant
Tags: lj-specific markup, media content, § historical
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