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"Pending Patches" table

"Pending Patches" table

Short, concise description of the idea
A regularly-updated table of patches recently submitted to lj_dev would simplify for bradfitz the task of choosing which patches should be committed.

Full description of the idea

[This suggestion was inspired in part by a suggestion from yesterday by anath47.]

When things get busy in lj_dev and elsewhere, it often happens that patches submitted to lj_dev scroll by unnoticed, or are noticed and given support, and then lost in the shuffle.

A table of recently-submitted patches could be maintained, containing:

  • The date of submission to lj_dev
  • The CVS path of the affected/patched file
  • The username of the submitting dev
  • Any version numbers associated with the patch
  • A link to the patch
  • Notes about any consensus arrived at concerning the patch
  • Status of the patch: Accepted, Rejected, Committed, Pending, Live, etc.

An ordered list of benefits

  • Devs would be ensured that their hard work would not go unnoticed
  • Happy devs
  • Devs could see if a patch for an issue has already been submitted, and see the status of that patch (stricken down, pending further development, etc.)
  • Task of choosing which patches should be committed would be much simplified for bradfitz
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • Would require a fair degree of maintenance (which, by the way, I would be willing to undertake).
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • It could be maintained manually, and rather unofficially, somewhere off-site; but officiality might be a good thing.
  • Or, it could be allocated a spot on goathack, or another affiliated server. Maintenance could either be manual (by manual maintenance, I mean somebody hand-editing the HTML table whenever a patch is submitted) or, a system similar to the support board could be implemented, with one (or possible more) users having access to update the table, and others (in particular bradfitz) having authority to mark the status of entries to Accepted, Rejected, Pending, etc., and leave comments regarding the entry.
  • If a system such as the one above were implemented, the table could actually be placed on, and could be "official."
  • Manually updating a table would be a chore, but given a place to do it, I would be willing to undertake this.
  • Developing a system such as the one mentioned above would also be a chore, but I would be willing to undertake this, as well.
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