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Community Comment Notices

Title: Allowing all members of a community to see the "You have a comment" notices.

Description: I think it would be nice for everyone in a community (maybe only closed communities, or have it be an option that the admin can choose when setting up the community?) to be able to see the comment notices. It's a bit of a problem in my community, where people are *just* joining up, and everyone wants to know who's on, but don't want to have to obsessively refresh the site to see who's added comments.

1) Allows everyone to keep track of whether or not a post they've made or commented to has a comment/response, instead of just the admin.
2) Keeps the admin from having to forward the comment notices to the appropriate people.
3) Allows the community to be a community without the admin having to have too much extra responsibility/authority/knowledge. (I know this sounds stupid, but it's an issue in the group I created the community for.)

1) If it's not an *option*, then people might complain about getting too much extra mail from their community.
2) People might complain anyway. It might work better if people only got the mail when people commented to *their* posts, much like the way it happens when people comment on private journals.

I've not got the faintest clue. I'm just a clueless user. :)
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