aquatwo (aquatwo) wrote in suggestions,

ability to view posts in own journal posted to specific "friends filters"

ability to view posts in own journal posted to specific "friends filters"

Short, concise description of the idea
it is desired to, in some form, be able to render a view of posts made in my personal journal to a specific "friends filter" or "friends groups" previously defined

Full description of the idea
myself and recently several people on my friends list have developed a habit of using friends filters as a means of filtering content by subject type such that people not interested in a specific interest of an lj member do not "have to" read those posts as a friend of that person. i am the extreme case of this keeping 30 lists, the most LJ allows (it was explained why this is and i understand the limitation). the request is to be able to retrieve all posts made to one of those lists. for example's sake we'll use one of my "friends filters" -- DDR. many people on my friends list do not like Dance Dance Revolution and have no interest in hearing about it so i have a filter for it. now suppose i wanted to track how i was progressing at playing the game... i would want to query my journal for all posts posted to this DDR "friends filter". currently i do not know of any means of doing so (outside of creating a bogus temporary account and adding it as a friend, then giving access to the specific list, then showing "Friends view" from that journal. this is undesirable though as it's inconventient and more importantly, free servers are not as reliable/nice as the pad servers).

An ordered list of benefits

  • useful for legal purposes (an individual going through a legal battle may define a filter for posts on child support, probate, divorce, etc as they remember/document items. it would be good to be able to retrieve all those documents in a single query)
  • saves time when trying to remember something (simplifies looking for a post made ??? on a specific topic assuming that topic was an existing friends filter)
  • should be relatively simple (only querying personal journal for items matching a security value mask)?
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • may run into conflicts with speed hack (depending on how this was implimented the speed hacks in avoiding security on personal journal may cause complications for this idea)
  • what to do about filter lists with spaces? (same as this is handled in usernames?)
  • unsure where this would be documented on site (ok, maybe this is minor issue but it is an issue)
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • write/enable db query on personal journal for specific security pattern
  • match this with recent view
  • determine consistent way to do this in BML (?filter=...)
  • document
  • add to site (if desirable)
  • Tags: custom friends groups, entry viewing, § implemented
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