Duchess Webb (duchess_webb) wrote in suggestions,
Duchess Webb

Changing the name of "The List"

It has come to my attention that the name of the "Friend List" has become quite a problem.

People have to announce on their journal that they are cleaning up their "Friend List" which tends to cause a lot of other journals on that list to become, well, pissed off. It has resulted in a lot of unnecessary fights and flame wars. A lot of overly sensitive people have come to the LJer in question in a very threatening manner, saying things such as, "What?!? You aren't my friend anymore?!? I am going to get even with you by talking crap about you as a result." This shouldn't be necessary at all.

A lot of us journalist have felt that the name is very misleading. We are not "Friends" of these people. We merely want to read their journals. If we feel compelled to take them off our list, we should have the right to at any given moment without having to announce it or be scared of doing so.

My suggestion, which other LJers have agreed with, would be to change the name. The one that has suited the best as been, "Bookmarked Journals". This will take a out a lot of problems that have been occurring throughout journals all over LJ.

I am unsure how many changes this would require. I realize that some coding might need to be changed. I also realize that the downloaded software might need words changed, which could become a hassle.

I feel that with this change, it might help smooth over some issues on LJ that keep popping up.
Tags: friends, site copy, ~ deferred - needs retagging
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