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disabling of retroactive event protection with additions to friends list

Ability for new friends not to see old protected entries of yours.

Short, concise description of the idea:
Currently if you add a new friend to your list, they can see all of the protected entries from before they were your friend. This idea would allow them to only see protected entries from and after the point you added them.

An ordered list of benefits:
* Sometimes you don't want new people to see old posts that only your previous friends in the previous list's state could see.
* It's a pain to go back and manually filter out protected entries by altering them to custom security.
* Sometimes adding a new friend is more important than the labor involved in doing the above, so "just don't add them!" is not an option, but you still want to keep some things private.

An ordered list of problems/issues involved:
* with my limited programming logic, this sounds like it would be a pain for the LJ dev team to implement, but probably no less of a pain than the similar suggestion for batch protection-changing of events (being able to go back and protect all your public events at once which we currently can't do) that other users have suggested.

suggestions for implementation:
* this is by no means anything the lj dev team should consider a priority,
and, if ever implemented, could probably done at the same time, or whatever, as the batch-protection feature that was suggested.

how this came to mind:
i have two journals. one i use actively, and one is one i used to use that has a lot of protected entries in the past which i don't want to delete. but i'd like to use the second journal to post selected protected entries and open up my firends list to anyone who wants to read it, while keeping my current journal a little more private. i could of course just do this with filters, but that excludes people from my present journal, where i post *everything* - my second journal i'd just like to post things more so that my mom can't read them, while anyone who wants to be on its friends list, who'd be added without discretion, can read. of course if i added everyone to that one they could read hte OLD old personal entries that i don't want them to, and i can't import those or delete them safely. blarg.
Tags: friends, security, § historical
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