The Devil's Advocate (vyxn) wrote in suggestions,
The Devil's Advocate

Add friended communities to Default View

Add friended communities to Default View

Short, concise description of the idea
When you join a community, and choose to add it as a friend, it should automatically be added to the Default View friends group.

Full description of the idea
Currently, if you're using the Default View friends filter, and you choose to add a friend, the "add to Default View" box is checked automatically. However, if you join a community, and check "Add community to friends list", it doesn't add it to your Default View if you have it, and so is not viewable on your friends page until you manually go put it in.

An ordered list of benefits

  • People using Default View would be able to view communities on their friends list when they befriend them
  • The behaviour would be brought in line with adding normal users as friends.
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • For some reason, people might want to add a community to their friends list but NOT have it on their Default View (but they can just go take it out anyway)
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • Add a line of code that adds the befriended community to the Default View if it exists.
  • Possibly give the user a checkbox saying "Add to Default View ?" or even, as with adding friends, let them select which friends groups the joined community should be in.
  • Tags: community membership, custom friends groups, friends, § implemented
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