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Advanced "lj-cut" tag

<ItalianJob>Hold on lads, I've got an idea...</ItalianJob>
The LJ-CUT tag is good, yes, and handy. But can it be improved?

An entry looks like this, when the user writes it:
    This is my timetable for school:
    <lj-cut text="View My Timetable">
    [table here with dates in it]
    These are my exam grades:
    <lj-cut text="View My Grades">
    [table here with grades in it]
    Cool, eh?

When displayed, the user sees this:
    This is my timetable for school:
    ( View My Timetable )
    These are my exam grades:
    ( View My Grades )
    Cool, eh?

Both of those links take you to the same ITEMID of the post, but at different <A NAME="id"> points in the post.

I hope you managed to understand that!
Tags: lj-specific markup, § implemented
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