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keeping things to ourselves.

New security level; only viewable to logged in livejournal users

Short, concise description of the idea
In addition to private, public, friends, let people who are members of the lj community, though not necessarily intimates read entries.

Full description of the idea
Last night at Innovox Connectivity Lounge, which is just starting to also be innovox, nanbear and I were discussing some issues some of us have been having over the last little while. LJ has been becoming very popular around Innovox, and lots of us have been joining the lj-community. We're very addicted, and it's growing quickly. But that means that lots of us are posting things that sometimes we don't want the whole world to see. Making things friends-only is helpful, but a little restrictive; we don't mind if other live journalers see the things for the most part; people who have gone to the effort to get an account generally have an clue about what these journals mean to us. A quick survey of people, including one friend who had to remove her journal (her boss found it) found this to be a popular idea; most of us want to share, and we want to share with strangers, because it's an interesting way of meeting new people, but we liked the idea of the small protection of those strangers needing to have identified themselves however anonymously, to get an lj account.

An ordered list of benefits

  • Popular in at least one coffee house ;-)
  • Provides some of the same protections that also requiring a live journal account to comment does
  • Lets people share with strangers without sharing with the entire darned world

An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • Does require keeping track of logged in accounts for display of entries, in a different fashion than it's being kept now (ie, not just checking 'friend/not friend)

This could also be tied in with the previous suggestion of creating a class of accounts for people who don't want to keep a journal but who want to have an lj account for posting.
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