giapet (giapet) wrote in suggestions,

LJ Layout Tutorial

LJ Layout Tutorial

Short, concise description of the idea
A general overview of how to create your own LJ layout.

Full description of the idea
There's not much more to say...but it could explain the LJ tags, how it all works, have examples from other LJ users' layouts, etc.

An ordered list of benefits

  • it would cut down on "HOW DO U MAKE UR LAYOUT PLZ KTHX"-type messages
  • when people see how relatively simple it is, they may decide they want a paid account so they can make one
  • happy happy joy joy
  • An ordered list of problems/issues involved

  • Well...someone has to make it and host it. It could be hosted on LJ or someone completely uninvolved with LJ could put it on their website.
  • An organized list, or a few short paragraphs detailing suggestions for implementation

  • A page that has the basic HTML tags (a href, font, img src, etc)
  • A page that has the basic LJ tags (all that stuff for the userinfo, calendar, etc)
  • A page with examples on putting them together, including some images on how it'll look (or links to an example page)
  • Tags: documentation, s1, s2, styles, § implemented differently
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