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Increasing the interest value of Similar Interests

Executive Summary:
Hate the way particular people always "hog" the top of your "show me who's like me" interest search? I DO! I have a partial solution however: factor in the total number of interests they list.

In my cunning scheme, Find Similar Users would include an extra column, noting the total number of interests that each person has entered into their profiles. Thus joerandoml3wser would appear as 6/2001, whilst joerandombutinteresting might appear as 3/3.

A further list could display the calculated fraction of matched interests to total (other user) interests. Perhaps the list could be sorted / resorted according to this fraction, rather than the sometimes-less-than-useful percent match.

                            Similar      Percent       Total        Percent
# User                      Interests    Match (You)   Interests    Match (Them)
1  me                       120         (100.0%)       120         (100.0%)
2  joerandombutinteresting  3           (2.5%)         3           (100.0%)
3  joerandoml3wser          6           (5.0%)         2001        (0.3%)   

PS: why doesn't/shouldn't Find Similar Users populate the User field with the current user's handle by default? I'm only ever interested in finding people interesting to me! *shrugs*

PPS: I suspect that the autoformatter has usurped my preformatting above and snuck in lots of superfluous br's.

* increase the ease with which users can find other users who are truly similar to them
* increase the ease with which users can track down other users they consider interesting
* generally promote greater signal to noise
* it might encourage people to list fewer, more discerningly chosen interests, saving on interest list search overhead, if that is an issue at all

* frank presumably has other pants to eat
* calculation overhead (but, I assume the length of each user's interest list is stashed somewhere, even if it is derived *starts wondering about the data structures lurking around here*)
* screen clutter
* this is not a magic bullet; it won't filter out all the uninteresting people, but it might help

It's late here. Sorry if the above is as clear as mud. I could code up a quick demo, if you'd like.

Apologies also if this has already been posted. I'm kinda new here, and although I did start scanning backwards, I didn't get all that far, I confess.

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