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Seumas Hyslop

Option to Display Comments Inline with Journal Entries

Option to Display Comments Inline with Journal Entries

Short Description
Allow option when viewing a journal/friends page to choose to automatically display all comments linked to those journal entries inline, instead of forcing people to click "read comments" on each one.

Long Description
In journals where people get comments to virtually everything they write, it can often become annoying having to click "Read comments" on each journal entry. Perhaps there could be an option at the top of the page that says "show ALL comments", which when clicked, would reload the page and all the journal entries, but would also show all the comments to each entry inline so that everything is readable on a "one click and you can read EVERYTHING" basis, instead of having to go through the last 20 entries and click "read comments" on every single one.

It would be particularly useful for "friends" pages, where you can get everything in one click. It may be long, but if it's only an option, people don't have to use it.

  • Fewer requests sent to the servers by users - they only have one page to download, instead of some 15-20 on journals that have lots of comments.
  • One click access to everything by members should they wish.
  • Faster reading and a better understanding of journal entries and their context for members.

  • HTML pages sent by server could be large in some circumstances.

    I wouldn't know where to start with this, not knowing how the servers work. Perhaps someone in the development team could review this and let me know if it's possible to do?
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