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The community join page, the one that looks like this:

Join Community

You are now a member of XYZ Community

This community allows posting by all members, so you've now have access to post in it. If you already have a LiveJournal client open on your computer you'll have to log out and log back in for this journal to show up in your list of journals you can post to.

Needs another little bit there at the bottom that tells people how they can watch the community. This is the number one question people ask me about the communities I maintain. Maybe an add-friends link. Also reminds me we need either a prompt for color selection when you click the add friend link, or a way to edit friends (more easily than copying and pasting). Not even the windows client (which is almost all I ever use) has this feature.

Just as an afterthought. The communities thing is the real point of this post.
Tags: community membership, usability, § implemented differently
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