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Allow users to set OG properties per post

Allow users to set OG properties per post

Short, concise description of the idea
When making a post to be shared on facebook, allow users' open graph tags to be recognised by the facebook crawler.

Full description of the idea
I run a _daily picture community which we share to our associated facebook page. For a few weeks now, the links have been presenting with the post title, the LJ logo, and the poster's username over a greyed out image from the post (not always the same one, making it impossible to predict), Previously, it would pull the first image preview being the first image from the post. In both cases, the title of the post appears under the image as does the first few words of the post.

When I tried to change this by using open graph tags, it then reverted to using the open graph tags in the LJ code, overriding any customisation and the best guess of the facebook crawler. The link had the LJ logo and welcome text, not anything to do with the community or that particular post.

I would like to be able to use the open graph tags in my post to direct the crawler to the image I would like it to. Because our facebook community users don't always click on the link at the time they see it, having the extra text there impedes their ability to engage and since the change we have had fewer people coming over to LJ and commenting. It also means that, even if I had maintainer access and was able to set up auto-cross-posting to the fb page, I wouldn't be able to control the content of the posts which were automatically cross posted. For people who don't know how to use open graph tags, their links would go back to the old way, so they could predict what image would be used.

An ordered list of benefits
  • Greater compatibility with services which use open graph tags.
  • Ability for users to control how their links look on other sites.
  • Ability to prevent NSFW images being used as link images on other sites.
An ordered list of problems/issues involved
  • Time recoding and testing with the facebook test crawler.
  • Confusion for some users who are not familiar with open graph tags or who might not know why their links look different again.

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